Our Vision: Strong, healthy communities

Our Mission: To inspire adults and children of 5 and under to cook great food together: for health, community and the environment.

A Kids Kitchen session is:

“Adults and children working together to cook something from scratch: usually savoury, often lunch. There is always opportunity to get to know each other and what we are cooking, and always opportunity to play.”


Run Kids Kitchen sessions for adults and children:

  • In existing childcare settings
  • For private groups and families
  • At family-oriented one-off events

Develop and share resources online that enable parents and others to create spaces for others to work towards the Kids Kitchen mission.

Support volunteers to set up and run Kids Kitchen sessions for adults and children

Facilitate training for carers and professional practitioners in running Kids Kitchen sessions.


2 responses to “About

  1. would you like to do something at the food market Hackney Homemade (www.hackneyhomemade.com). We would love to have you! Jane 07956 934768

  2. http://www.strolllondon.wordpress.com heard about you and now know about you. We list events and activities for parents/carers and their babies. At Hornbeam you will see RAGWORKS exhibitions currently Nine Goan Elephants. I am Gillian Lawrence. Nice to know where you are.

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