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Photos: Community Kids Kitchen Walthamstow

Nicola and Melissa had another great session in August:

“We had 8 grown ups and 14 kids to feed… but was lots of fun. We made two types of Turkish Borek with a roasted red pepper dip and there was melon sorbet for a post clean-up treat!”


Kids Kitchen at Focus E15

chop1reWe headed down to Newham today for an impromptu session with the Focus E15 mothers, who with others are occupying an empty block of liveable but evicted council flats on the edge of the Olympic Park,evaprepre fighting for decent affordable housing in their borough.  We made a big rice salad and cooked outside in the sunshine!  Thank you to everyone that came, and to Organiclea and their cropshare growers for donating some great veg.  And thanks Focus E15 for having us!






A few things have been written about this place in the past week – they’ve even had Russell Brand down…

Read all about it…

The Family Feast has been reviewed on the E17 Art Trail blog. Read all about it here:



Tofu Tarts Pics March

Mini tarts – with mushroom parsley and tofu.  It was a busy one… lots of fun!

Feedback… “It can be really tasty without being too complicated.”  “My son doesn’t normally eat mushrooms but he did today!”


IMG_2267 IMG_2269 IMG_2268 IMG_2270 IMG_2271 IMG_2273 IMG_2272 IMG_2266 IMG_2265 IMG_2264

Pics 14/2/14 Chips and Dips

P1020964 P1020961 P1020959 P1020978 P1020976 P1020975 P1020974 P1020973 P1020962

Baked Bean Pasties 17/1/14

This month we made baked beans pasties and chips. Here are some pics:

P1020840 P1020842 P1020846 P1020848 P1020850 P1020854 P1020859 P1020860 P1020861 P1020862 P1020863 P1020865 P1020867 P1020868 P1020872

Pics from Christmas KK 2013

2013-12-20 10.26.34 2013-12-20 10.26.43 2013-12-20 10.26.54 2013-12-20 10.48.24 2013-12-20 11.27.42 2013-12-20 12.10.37 2013-12-20 12.12.54